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Even though Get Essay Done indicated on their website that they have been operating for years, we have found information that points they have been in the business for three years only.

As with any other review, we always assess the overall quality of the services, the writing, and support offered by the firm, customer GetEssayDone reviews, prices, and other relevant information. Without further ado, let’s have a look at what GetEssayDone has to offer.

Services Offered

To begin with, this firm delivers an extensive variety of academic products, just to name a new: reviews, essays, reports, case studies, dissertations, theses, admission essays, multiple-choice test taking, scholarship essays, coursework assignments, and more. In other words, students from high school to college can order papers from Get Essay Done, including proofreading and editing.

Evaluating the Quality of the Services

Oddly enough, we couldn’t find any samples of written content on the website. We did, however, find a link sending to a blog. Still, we couldn’t access it.

As for the testimonials, there weren’t any either. From that point, we looked for customer reviews, and we ordered a research paper of undergraduate level.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find relevant information regarding the company’s writers, apart from the fact that the firm claims they have graduate degrees in their expertise.

As for comments and customer feedback, we have found complaints about the quality of the writing, most of them referring to the presence of grammatical errors. In our opinion, that is unacceptable in the case of a professional company that claims its staff comprises of highly-prepared writers.

What about the research paper we ordered? We have noted the presence of the same problems. We found various errors in the sentence structure, outdated resources, and inadequate transitions between ideas – of course, we weren’t expecting these from an undergraduate writing.

Payments Methods, Prices, Discounts

The positive thing is that we weren’t doubtful regarding the security of the payment process. Moving on to the prices now, they were pretty much around the average rates.

We could choose between two pricing methods: standard and premium. The standard option cost $119.92 while the premium version cost $135.92. We also found a promo code specifically targeted for new customers that offered a 15 percent discount. There were other coupon codes available as well, but we couldn’t find any details regarding those. We even asked a customer support representative about that, but they couldn’t give us an answer.

As for the customer support assistance, it is inferior – this is, in fact, one of the aspects that significantly lowered our rating. The live chat feature wasn’t helpful in any way. As a matter of fact, all we got after our inquiry was a generic answer.

The same happened when we tried to contact the customer service sector via phone. In plain English, it appears that GetEssayDone.com utilizes a generic answering machine as opposed to employing adequately prepared staff

The Bottom Line

On the whole, we weren’t happy with the piece of writing we received from GetEssayDone.com. Since we ordered a college-level paper, the writing was far from being adequate, not to mention that our experience with the customer support department was poor.

That being said, is GetEssayDone a fraud or scam? Not necessarily; still, the service quality is subpar, which is why our rating is fair to poor.

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